WHITE NEGROES: When Cornrows Were in Vogue & Other Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

Cover of White Negroes. Pale pink rectangle with diagonal yellow plait-like shapes from the upper right hand corner to the lower left hand corner.

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Praise for White Negroes:

“Whether dissecting viral videos, Paula Deen’s empire or the burgeoning weed industry, Jackson writes with urgency and acerbic wit, balancing impassioned critiques with snark-infused footnotes and wry asides.” —Chicago Tribune

“A revelatory, well-argued work of cultural criticism.” —Kirkus Reviews

“An incredible reimagining of Norman Mailer’s infamous 1957 essay of a similar name, White Negroes confronts the normalization of black cultural appropriation for white profit, issuing a clarion call for a truly empowered and compensated creative black community.” —The Atlantic

“Jackson has been a canny adjudicator of cultural appropriation for some years—with articles on the matter appearing widely across the internet—but this volume, which includes adapted as well as new essays of cultural criticism, is the most sustained, elegant, and righteous application yet of her analytical skill.” —4Columns

“Amid the deluge of thinkpieces on this topic, Jackson’s writing is a beacon of nuance — smart, funny, and engaging on the recent controversies of the past decade or so.” —Buzzfeed

“Jackson remixes a familiar pedagogy with refreshing insight, digging into the tangled politics of appropriation.” —Wired